Adrian Abela’s video Nebula 002 is exhibited in CHAPTER IE – FESTA!!!

Adrian Abela (b. 1989) studied architecture in Malta and Milan and currently lives and studies in Los Angeles. He works mainly through drawing, painting, sculpture, performance, and video. His projects lead from an interest in a particular material or narrative into an attempt at understanding the human condition and surroundings. The conception and execution of his projects often involves outsider individuals; he uses architecture-derived approaches to create informed work and establish relationships that challenge people’s perspectives on the artistic subject. Abela is currently working on public art projects in Malta and internationally. Along with several solo exhibitions in Malta, he has participated in exhibitions in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Adrian Abela, Nebula 002, 2014-2017, HD video, 24 minutes, 18 seconds. The work NEBULA was conceived as part of the artist’s project CHARTI, which explores rituals that occur during festas (feasts) in towns and villages on the Maltese Islands. NEBULA, meaning CLOUDS, focuses on the collective nature of ritualistic action, represented by the natural formation of clouds that collects water particles. The need to participate in collective rituals is intrinsic to our human existence. The work presents the fireworks as clouds/nebulas of outer space, thus eliminating the human presence from the festa.