Gilbert Calleja’s photographs from Liminal series are exhibited in CHAPTER GĦ – GENDER AND/OR

Gilbert Calleja (b. 1978) produces photographic documentaries based on a lengthy process of familiarization with the individuals and communities that are his subjects. This approach has characterized most of the work he has produced in the past twelve years, imbuing it with a sense of intimacy. Long-term immersion and perseverance allow him to develop relationships that subsequently grant him access to the private lives of his collaborators. He has worked with Maltese fishermen, transgender people, a priest engaged in pastoral work, and the boxing subculture.

Gilbert Calleja, photographs from Liminal series, 2010-13. “We know we are close to some sexual frontier, to that chasm where meaning is about to break down. But we never know if we are really there. We want to know whether a man is a man, or a woman is a man, or if a woman is really a woman. But we don’t know: we think we are at the fault-lines of sexual identity, staring down at this chasm, this death of gender, this breakdown of meaning. Instead, Calleja’s work must make us reconsider: how important is it for us to know? Do we need this kind of finality?”.
Matthew Vella.