Karine Rougier’s painting, The Appointment, is exhibited in CHAPTER A – IL-MAM(M)AHorses dream is part of CHAPTER IE – FESTA!!! and Still Life is in CHAPTER L – BETWEEN MELANGIA AND UFF.

Karine Rougier (b. 1982) was born in Malta to a Maltese mother and a French father. She studied art at the École des Beaux Arts d’Aixen- Provence in France. She was awarded the Mécènes du Sud prize in 2010. The first catalogue dedicated to her work was published in 2011 by Sextant et Plus editions. She has had solo exhibitions at Fondation Vacances Bleues, Marseille (2012), Le Cabinet, Paris (2011), Mondo Bizzaro, Rome (2010), and Maison du livre, de l’image et du son, Villeurbanne, France (2003), and she has taken part in numerous group exhibitions in France and abroad, including at GC Arte, Buenos Aires (2012), Espace de l’art concret, Mouans- Sartoux, France (2012), and Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille (2011), as well as the art fairs Slick and DrawingNow.

Karine Rougier, The Appointment, 2015, oils on panel, 24 x 33 cm. Private collection. From the growth of a child within one’s body to the carrying of a baby on one’s knees, the discovery of maternity is a poetic journey into the secretive depths of a jungle or the powerful dimension of the cosmos. However, the pages of the open book caressed by the child’s fingers are still empty, virgin white.
Photo credit: JCLett.

Karine Rougier, Horses dream, 2015, gouache on vintage document, 16.5 x 14.5cm. Private collection.  The artist revisits a work by another artist — Prud’hon’s Le Triomphe de Bonaparte ou la Paix in this case — and creates a festive atmosphere through the metamorphosis of the personages in the original print. The result is a magical reworking of history which permits traces of the past to peep from underneath the colours that Rougier adds to the pre-existent image.

Karine Rougier, Still Life, 2016, oils on panel, 35 x 27cm. The subject of the painting is painting itself. This is a painting in the process of being executed in a studio coloured by movement and play.