Three of Maurice Tanti Burlo’s cartoons are exhibited. Shots for Votes in CHAPTER Ġ - SUBJECTS TO AVOID WHEN TALKING TO STRANGERS, Oooops in CHAPTER K – SMALL MALTA – BIG MALTA and Stairway to Heaven CHAPTER N –FROM NATURAL HABITAT TO BUILT ENVIRONMENT.

Maurice Tanti Burlò (1936–2014) received his art education at the School of Art, Valletta, Malta; St. Michael’s Teachers’ Training College, St. Julians, Malta; and Bretton Hall College, University of Leeds, England, during which years he experimented with most styles, using a varied range of media and techniques. In 1977, angered by local political intransigence, he began his first attempts at political cartooning, which were published in the Sunday Times of Malta and the Times of Malta under the pseudonyms Nalizpelra and MTB. It was here that his artistic path split in two, running parallel and merging time and time again. Tanti Burlò continued his cartooning career up to the final days of his life.

Maurice Tanti Burlo’, Shots for Votes, 1998. Maurice Tanti Burlo’, also known by his pseudonym Nalizpelra, started to draw cartoons for the Times of Malta in 1977 and was known for his political satire until his death in 2014. In this cartoon, he portrays the leaders of the two main Maltese political parties, Alfred Sant and Edward Fenech Adami, as targets for the powerful local hunting lobby.

Maurice Tanti Burlo’, Oooops, cartoon showing a member of the EC Commission tripping over the island of Malta, 1993.

Maurice Tanti Burlo’, Stairway to Heaven, cartoon showing overbuilding in Malta, 2006.