Roxman Gatt’s video,Virgin Mary’s Love Juice, is part of CHAPTER Ġ – SUBJECTS TO AVOID WHEN TALKING TO STRANGERS.

Roxman Gatt (b. 1989) lives and works in London. She is a multidisciplinary artist whose work encompasses text, painting, video, sound, photography, installation, and performance. She received a BA in graphic design (with an emphasis on illustration) from Central Saint Martins. In the first two years, the work was mainly narrative driven, made of text and drawing. In the last year, Gatt’s work found more expressivity via time-based media, even as text remained the main source for developing work. After graduation, Roxman went on to study visual communication at the Royal College of Art, London. Through performance and moving image, Gatt’s researches explore sexuality, identity, and women in popular and low-culture contexts. Mundane aesthetics and the Internet become tools and triggers. Roxman has been awarded the Chris Garnham Prize (2015) and the Magnum Showcase Online Photography Award (2013). She has had exhibitions recently at Bloomberg New Contemporaries, London; the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; Bluecoat Liverpool; and Show 2015, Royal College of Art, London.

Roman Gatt’s video Virgin Mary’s Love Juice, 2015 comes to terms with an awkward act of translation: how does one convert into images the obscene combinations of religious iconography, sex and food that come together in the Maltese ‘tradition’ of swearing? By illustrating expressions used by Maltese men in the most candid way possible, the artist weaves blasphemy into humour and makes some of us wonder: should I even be laughing at this?